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Best Ever

Best Ever Saddle Pad - 32x32 3/4” Kush Wool - Copper Chocolate Floral

Best Ever Saddle Pad - 32x32 3/4” Kush Wool - Copper Chocolate Floral

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Love this pad but need a different size? Shoot us an email to or find Royal Equine on social media to message! Check the info below for custom sizing options. These are hand made in the USA to order, nothing bulk about it. Options also available in 1/2” for extra close contact feel. High contour cut out and custom embroidery available for additional fee. Wool can also be dyed black, blue, red, turquoise, or purple for an additional fee.  

Made from the highest-quality wool, the Kush pads are our most durable and most comfortable pads to date. This wool western saddle pad unique design makes for the most comfortable riding experience you’ve ever had. The Kush Collection is made from 100% washed and pressed wool that is 136 ounces per square yard. It is durable and resistant to compression, yet soft and flexible. Properties of this wool horse pad allow it to absorb moisture, which aids in removing heat from the horse’s back. The Kush wool saddle pad is light gray and comes in 3/4”, 1”, 1.25″ thickness options. The Kush pad is perfect for:

  • Everyday riding: the Kush Wool Saddle Pad for horses is perfect for everyday work, from the ranch to the arena.
  • Trail and Leisure Riding: The Kush Wool Saddle pad are perfect for leisure riding, the 1.25” allows for extra cushion if needed.
  • Barrel Racing and Gymkhana: Perfect for performance and training, the Kush Wool Saddle Pad provides comfort and strength for rigorous arena riding.
  • Team Roping and Ranch Rodeo: The Kush Wool Pad is durable and resistant enough to stand up to roping and ranch rodeo events. 

Saddle Pad Thickness:

  • The 3/4” pad is ideal for horses that are more round back.
  • The 1” pad is perfect for everyday use, trail riding, arena work, and more. For horses with broad shoulders we recommend the 1” pad.
  • The 1.25” pad provides extra cushion when needed, great for Roping, trail riding where extra cushion is needed, and sway back horses.
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