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Professional’s Choice Elite Cross Country Boots - Fronts

Professional’s Choice Elite Cross Country Boots - Fronts

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UPDATED PEBAX STRIKE GUARD: shaped to provide optimum fit on your horse's leg o SHAPED FETLOCK AREA Improves fit and features increased hardness and thickness to provide extra protection in the fetlock area. Improved cut provides perfect fit o DURABLE YET FLEXIBLE: Constructed from RoHS/REACH compliant German quality BASF(R) TPU which is directly injected into a breathable mesh fabric. o PROTECTIVE YET BREATHABLE: Honeycomb hex pattern features the strongest natural shape, while allowing air flow both in and out of the boots. o HYPOALLERGENIC polyolefin foam lining is perforated to maximize air flow, while providing a comfortable non-slip fit o WILL NOT RETAIN WATER: Lightweight and will not become waterlogged, making for the perfect XC Boot!

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