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Show Barn Secret Detangler and Shine

Show Barn Secret Detangler and Shine

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Having  beautiful mane & tails are not out of reach. Achieve a strong, silky, attractive mane & tail with ShowBarn Secret Detangler & Shine. Instantly detangles and strengthens weakened or brittle hair bers while working to keep a natural healthy shine on your horse’s hair. Its moisture, volume, and smoothing features gives hair manageability and ease of brushing and grooming. 

The ideal product to prevent and to unlock tangles in hair. Instantly goes to work to unravel tangles and keep them away! ShowBarn Secret Detangler & Shine protects, detangles, de-frizzes, de-matts, and shines hair Not just a detangler, ShowBarn Secret Detangler & Shine protects the hair from the elements, all in one product, with no washing needed prior to application ShowBarn Secret Detangler & Shine will help maintain healthy hair, strengthen while making hair silkier, smoother with shine Not greasy and leaves no residue Hair is easy to brush and style after use Use as maintenance to prevent and protect For horses & dogs.


Massage a small amount (nickel to quarter size) of ShowBarn Secret Detangler & Shine into your horse’s mane or tail and comb through. Continue to apply as you brush until tangles are eliminated. Works on dry or wet mane. 

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