Thanks For Your Support!

I am so thankful for this network of amazing customers, hard working riders, and loyal friends who haven't ran away from me.

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Welcome To The Updated Online Shop!

The longer you look, the more dangerous it gets.

Thanks so much for popping by the new website! Countless hours have been put into updates in order to make browsing easy and improving inventory accuracy in real time. Right now there will be a lot of inventory updates as we undergo a massive physical count and re-count. This means some products will pop in and out of existence, and numbers may be off until we're finished. These updates are expected to last through most of November.

All of you are more appreciated than you know!

Fresh In

  • Schooling

    Jaime and Charles love their QHP gear for daily riding. Easy to care for quality makes a huge difference!

  • Competition

    Our rider Kelsey Seidel carefully selects products for performance and comfort that hold up to her eventing career.

  • Oh Yeah..

    PONY SIZES!!!!!!